Artist’s Statement

Sarah Strang’s practice is focused on the present, investigating the world we live in and the power structures and society we have created for ourselves. The works always start from personal investigation with no expectations about an end ‘product’. They usually involve invited collaborators and progress organically towards a finished state. Whether that state is drawing, performance, photography, video or text, they seek to transport the viewer beyond the narrow confines of ‘issue based’ work, into a subjective and emotional engagement with the subject matter. This work aims to be inclusive and empathetic occupying a place closer to fact than fiction but seeking to dissolve the boundaries between them. Even when overtly dealing with socio-economic issues, poetics co-exist alongside the politics. A sense of elusiveness and contradiction pervades the work: a search for answers raises a series of questions, the subject’s inability to communicate eloquently cuts straight to the heart of the matter. Documentary gives way to something that exists as much in the imagination as anywhere else.