About Jeans Death

Tooks Chambers
8 Warner Yard, Warner Street, London EC1R 5EY

24th July – 11th August 2006

About Jean’s Death (Installation)
Three fire doors, a portrait of Jean Charles de Menezes with inscriptions created by Denis Augusto Pereira and writing accessories
Video of performed actions (13’ looped, DV)

Following the exhibition at St Giles in the Fields, About Jean’s Death was subsequently exhibited at Took Chambers, chambers of Michael Mansfield QC, during the time that Tooks chambers represented the Menezes family at the inquest into the death of Jean Charles de Menezes. Leaving aside issues of terrorism, policing or the Government, the exhibition at Tooks Chambers questioned a human response to the tragedy. Within the moving image presented as he writes in permanent marker on safety glass, Denis wears gloves discarded at Edgware Road by a London Underground rescue worker after the 7th July bombings.

Protest by Denis Augusto, also displayed within the exhibition offered an individual expression of injustice, a personal indictment of Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that contrasted with the widespread public discussion regarding human rights in relation to the death of Menezes.