Market Place

DIFC Gulf Art Fair
9th – 10th March 2007

‘Marketplace’ was commissioned by the inaugural DIFC Gulf Art Fair, as part of a series of special projects. The installation situated in a gallery booth within the art fair comprised two interrelating elements, ‘Made in Dubai,’ and ‘Hammerprice.’

‘Made in Dubai,’ presented the production of a series of 18ct gold postcards, embossed with the phrase, ‘Made in Dubai,’ created by local craftsmen from the gold souk using traditional hammering techniques.

‘Hammerprice,’ on the walls of the makeshift workshop featured locally two painted canvases with the legal definitions of the term, ‘Hammer Price’ in English and Arabic. Hammer Price is the term to define the moment of sale within an auction house.

Sarah Strang’s ‘Marketplace’ raises questions about the nature of markets themselves, from the souk to the global art market. While globalisation is commonly counterposed to the authenticity of the local, the logic of all markets is to abstract from personality and culture. Art dealers and craftsmen, tourists and locals, are all confronted with the same work. Marketplace makes us think about how the meaning of art is interpreted differently, even when its value is constant.
-Dolan Cummings, Institute of ideas

Hammer Price
Hand painted canvases with Arabic and English text

‘Made in Dubai’
Gold postcards embossed in gold with the statement, ‘Made in Dubai’