Molendinar Burn Project


“The very name Molendinar has a soft euphonious sound, and is full of delightful associations connected with the most picturesque object, a rural mill,- everything that is peaceful and quiet lingers around the old mill, and such objects are usually very old. The changed state of society, the increase of population, and the advance of inventive science have all tended to leave the “mill and trysting thorn” very much out of the way of what has been denominated, par excellence, ‘progress.’ ”

-J.B Simpson, Stirling’s Library, History of The Molendinar Burn, May 18th 1855

The Molendinar Burn Project asks the question in 2016 – What does progress mean today?

The Molendinar Burn Project consists of twelve unique art projects, situated along the exact route of the Molendinar Burn and is inspired by the early history of Glasgow, Kentigern, St Mungo and the now hidden burn. The aim of the project is to connect visitors to the life of the burn above ground and present day progress that mirrors the origins of the burn. The project takes the form of different media; art, music, architecture and design relevant to each unique site over 2016. The Molendinar Burn Project hub will be situated in the ground floor rooms of a former British Linen Bank at 215 High Street, Glasgow.