Movement in Sleep

Union Chapel Artist in Residence 2011-2012, Project 1

Union Chapel Tower, London. N1 2UN
27th November 2011 – 18th February 2012

Via cameras mounted from above, the installation showed a strange bedchamber within the tower of Union Chapel linked by live CCTV to a monitor located within a hidden space of the chapel below. The video displayed inside the chapel revealed a monumental series of quilts formed by blankets gathered, stitched together and positioned over the artist’s bed. Each blanket was collected in exchange for a new sleeping bag from people within the local area who access, Margins, a homelessness outreach project at Union Chapel. Also shown were framed works containing text on luggage tags made by volunteers and guests at Margins in response to the following two questions:

What does sleep mean to you?
What does freedom mean to you?

Housing Justice Debate: What does freedom mean to you?
Thursday 2nd February, Union Chapel, London. N1 2UN
Speakers, Alastair Murray, Laura Michener and Josie Appleton
Chaired by Dolan Cummings.

Supported by the Union Chapel Congregational Church and Patrons of Union Chapel Artist in Residence Programme
Charitable Partners, Islington Giving, Margins and Pilion Trust

Photography by Daniela Sbrisny