Resident’s Meeting

Liminal Phase Exhibition
Hornsey Road/Holloway Road
October 2006

As part of the Liminal Phase group exhibition commissioned by Highbury Studios, a question was posed to residents of a new mixed- use housing development on Hornsey Road regarding the future usage of an A2 retail space, the site of the exhibition, situated below the residential building. The following question was featured on a billboard on the corner of Hornsey Road:

How do we interpret the value of the plan for this space?

Two answers were received in response to surveys placed in the letterboxes of every resident. The first answer chalked directly onto the gallery wall of the derelict space was censored by the sponsors of the exhibition and replaced by the artist with the second response, listed below:

“I believe it will not be beneficial in any way to the residents of this building. This space could be used for a garden/leisure area, which is much needed in this busy urban area.”

“By a reflection of ourselves”

Residents Meeting
Digital printed billboard (Question)
Chalk wall drawing (Answer)