The Birth of Wellbeing

Artist in Residence
Royal College of General Practitioners

Birth of Wellbeing

Royal College of General Practitioners, Headquarters, 30 Euston Square
Thursday 27th March until Monday 28th April 2014

The exhibition is the culmination of The Birth of Wellbeing is a project about community relations, memory and local history, exploring through a form of consultation comprising walks, interviews, surveys and photography, how these factors might relate to healthcare policy and provision and contribute to a sense of wellbeing in the central London district of Somers Town.

Artist, Sarah Strang interviewed 200 residents of Somers Town and Members of the RCGP to create a exhibition to celebrate the inauguration of the RCGO that will feature, objects, text, photography and video, made in response to the following questions:

1. What is your first living memory of milk?

2. How would you describe your experience of care when visiting your doctor?

3. Why is a caring for others both within the doctor’s surgery and wider community important to our health?

There are four featured artworks that form The Birth of Wellbeing exhibition:

Artwork 1. Alternative Headlines: CARE: (Why is caring for others both within the doctor’s surgery and wider community important to our heath?) Using responses from this final question within the artist’s survey she has created a series of five permanent artworks in the style of newspaper advertisements, using responses from residents.

Alternative Headlines: CARE: Public artworks featuring a further fifty responses are also on display on hoardings at The Francis Crick Institute and within the Somers Town Community Association, both located on Ossulston Street, NW1 1HG for the duration of the Birth of Wellbeing exhibition.

Artwork 2. Instruments of Wellbeing: The artist has put together a collection of 20 objects symbolising personal experiences of wellbeing. Each object carries an information tag explaining to visitors how it is linked to a sense of wellbeing, offering insight into local social history.

Artwork 3. Travelling Dairy: On display in the cafe area will be a 12-minute video artwork (colour HD). It is a compilation of local residents reading aloud a series of responses from members of the RCGP in answer to the question: ‘What is your first living memory of milk?’ The responses have been performed as a script reading in homage to the travelling theatre created by Fr. Basil Jellicoe to fund the development of Somers Town in the 1930s.

Artwork 4. Chairpersons of Somers Town (Location: 3rd Floor Members Lounge, RCGP, by appointment only)